Shark Tunnel

Sencond floor:Subsea Tunnel Hall

     The two lovely seals named Lele and Taotao bring people with wonderful performance including ball header, backstroke, kisses, ballet, ringer, calisthenics etc and lucky tourists can even have close contact with seals. 

     It has build the submarine imitating to the newest Germany military submarine U31 will bring people into 50m long subsea tunnel to make you feel the lifelike subsea landscape with beautiful fish around you. You can not only see large shape ocean fish including various sharks (leopard shark,3m long nurse shark,whitetip shark,blacktip shark,lemon shark), roker, sea turtle, suckermouth catfish, epinephelus tauvina etc but also the British Stonehenge. The colorfully dressed mermaids will bring you a wonderful “Mermaid Legend” which is a beautiful love story between the mermaid and the King Arthur jailed under Stonehenge with the crow of colorful subsea fish groups. In addition, there are professional aquanauts playing with sharks titled with “Subsea King” which is so stirring with the white sharp teeth and the movements of suddenly turning around. Tens of thousands of colorful sea fish compete for food with fierce conflicts which stirs up tides of fish witnessing the magic of ocean.

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